About Rosoft

Hi! I’m ‘Rosoft Mike’ Gurner * – in our increasingly mobile and ‘app-centric’ world it’s both amazing and depressing just how much of our work lives are still spent hunched over desktops using huge and convoluted programs like Microsoft Office. While mobile apps tend to be intuitive and easy to learn, we still tend to spend large amounts of time feeling frustrated and unproductive in front of our desktop programs.

At Rosoft, we’re specialists in showing how you (yes – even you!) and your staff can be more productive, creative and capable with Microsoft Office programs. You spend too much time in front of them to not be getting the most from them.

We have products and services to meet every requirement, including classroom training, online training, individual coaching, corporate audits, executive coaching and much more.

While you’re here, please sign up for ‘Start The Week’ – our weekly software tip newsletter and have a look around the site. If you’d like a no-obligation chat about how we can help (and I promise you – we can help!), then either drop me a line using the form below, or give me a call on 07941 974710.

Thanks very much.

‘Rosoft Mike’ Gurner

*say Rosoft Mike ten times as fast as you can and you should be able to work out why.

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